Open field Agaricus brasiliensis mushroom (ABM)
Open field
Agaricus brasiliensis mushroom (ABM)


It is interesting to know that the best Agaricus brasiliensis mushroom (ABM, previously known as Agaricus blazei Murill)  cropped from open field brings true benefits from this miraculous mushroom. This open field Brazilian ABM thrives from its natural environment to reach its peak ripeness for maximum health benefits.

Unlike many genetically changed strains, to make it suitable to grown indoor under controllable environment or to reach higher yield, does not produce the same properties as the original ABM which requires specific environment like soil and climate.

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This amazing mushroom has received many botanical nomenclatures (the official scientific naming) from many researchers around the World to claim for credit to be first to discover and document it. It brought many confusion to its identification during years, and to make the matter worst, there is long list of common names, enough to confuse everyone, especially the consumers.

We are calling it "the Brazilian ABM" or correctly as the Agaricus brasiliensis. This is what the major experts and mycologist are calling like Paul Stamets (U.S.), and Wasser S.P. (Israel), but we also want to differentiate this original mushroom from other strains of mushrooms. In addition, the appearance is somewhat different from the original mushroom of Piedade, São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2002, Didukh and Wasser rejected the name A. blazei and called the Brazilian fungi Agaricus brasiliensis; this was rejected when Kerrigan (2005) performed genetic and interfertility testing on several fungal strains. Samples of the Brazilian strains called A. blazei and A. brasiliensis proved to be genetically similar to, and interfertile with, the North American population of Agaricus subrufescens. These tests also found European samples called A. rufotegulis to be of the same species. Because Agaricus subrufescensis the oldest name, it is traditionally considered the scientifically, historically correct name.

We believe that Agaricus brasiliensis mushroom (ABM) should be enjoyed as gourmet mushroom as well, not just as medicine.

What happened to blazei?

The taxonomy of the mushroom known as Himematsutake or the Royal Sun Agaricus has been confused until recently. The species being grown in China, Japan and Brazil is, in fact, not Agaricus blazei but a new species, now called Agaricus brasiliensis. To read more on this bifurcation of taxa, please consult some references below. (from Paul Stamets)


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Agaricus brasiliensis mushroom is also known as ABM mushroom for short name when doing search.

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